Before I write anything else, the daycare you choose, MUST be the best standard, with the highest possible values and focus on positive training and language only. 
I am the owner and creator of a UK, Essex based Dog Daycare Centre, Woofs n Wiggles Academy, in Colchester. It’s 3.5 years of age now and is getting stronger by the week, we are not a daycare with huge numbers and we aren’t fully booked. We’ve had days where we have reached our licensed capacity of 30 dogs with the space of 6 huge rooms, a large playground all covering 7,500sqft. 
The reason why we are not maxed out? 
Because every dog has to be happy in the daycare environment and that is a hard thing to come by. It’s a sad story that dogs cant cope with play, investigation or games at daycare and making friends, because their separation issues are so high and stressed that they can not help but whine at the gate. That’s one example of the kind of dog we do not take in, they don’t ‘pass’ their taster session, because it’s against our values as a company, to have a stressed, unhappy dog. 
There are so many more reasons, handling the leash for another, if the dog is used to its leash being handled in a certain way, then yes, some come into their hour taster session for daycare and react to dogs, their leash is off, but boy, do they feel threatened. The Woofs n Wiggles folder of ‘unsuitable dogs for daycare’ is huge, especially in comparison to the ‘current attendants of daycare’ folder and this is one reason why we have such strong values. 
A good daycare needs to have values, and the right ones. A good daycare also needs to mentally and physically enrich their time in daycare and support each individual dogs needs. Staff need to be able to get to know the dogs on a regular basis and be up to date with their education about dog language, handling and enrichment, to say the least. 
Before I leave, ask for the daycares terms and conditions, any policies and to see their insurance certificate and license. It should be given to you without asking or be on show, or have access to, but you should be given these documents and information, for it to be a good daycare. 
Feel free to email to ask any more questions or to gain a second opinion on any aspects highlighted in this blog. 
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