To provide a clean, stimulating, social, calm and safe environment for our canine companions. 
To prevent dogs from being left alone at home for too long, suffering with seperation anxiety, depression and boredom. 
Creating an educating service to support training, guidance and understanding the canine world. 

8 REASONS  people choose Woofs n Wiggles...   

Daycare, training... 
then home to rest 
After a day with us, your fluffy will be ready for a rest and a deep sleep. 
Strict entrance criteria 
Our values for safety are essential for creating a calm and fun daycare 
Award winning , 
Industry leading 
We have set the standards for dog services and we live by our values 
Large indoor and  
outdoor space 
Our centre is over 7.500sqft, we have cosy rooms and a playground! 
Victoria Stilwell Trained 
Victoria Stilwell as seen on TV. Positively, science-based and force-free 
Regular dogs only 
Tried & tested, regular, weekly visits are crucial in maintaining a settled daycare 
Every dog is an individual. We do not judge breeds 
Our assessment process is strict, making sure the dogs behabiour is safe for the enviroment 
Enriched enviroment 
Brain games, bubble chase, aromatherapy, scent hunts... to name a few! 
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